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A macro photograph of a carpenter bee on a flower

Carpenter Bee and Cheddar Pinks

There are many things I love about my German Shepard but one of her best traits is that she keeps me stocked with flying insects for macro projects! She loves to lounge around in the back yard just watching things fly around but they best beware; anything that comes within striking distance stands a good chance of getting struck down. She was watching this carpenter bee hover around my Cheddar Pink dianthus but then the 'lil guy made the fatal mistake of checking her out too. SNAP. Done. That's daddy's gooood girl! I though it fitting to compose the bee upon the last flower it sniffed.
Nikon D810 ~ Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 at f/16 focused to 1:1 ~ ISO100 ~ Focus stacked from 185 frames exposed to 1/250-second ~ Lit with 3 speedlights at 1/64th power and light diffused with a canopy of tracing paper ~ background is a colorful image ripped from a magazine