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A gorgeous sunset across the mountains of Elk Creek, VA

The Rolling Hills of Lower Elk Creek

I laid eyes on this farm for the first time in early 2014 and remember being dumbstruck with how gorgeous of a landscape it is. And with each visit to the area since then I've allowed myself to daydream of how nice it would be to access the property to roam the hillsides and see what photo ops were available. Finally on this evening back in November I was driving past the property when I saw a couple trucks leaving the barn so I decided to stop to introduce myself, to compliment them on all the hard work they've done on the place, and of course to explain that I was a photographer who would love nothing more than to get through the gate. And with that, I was in! I was told that anytime I saw someone at the barn that I should simply pay a visit. The next morning I did just that and asked if I could walk around. Not only was I allowed to go wherever I wanted, the farm hand suggested that I take a vehicle and drive the property instead of walking. SWEEEET! So I spent the next couple hours criss-crossing these gorgeous rolling hills in style - that is to say on 4 wheels instead of two feet! :)

Image is tone-blended from 10 exposures captured at +/- 1.0 EV ranging from 1/25-second to 15-seconds.