Frames turn that perfect print into a work of art for your wall and greatly enhance the beauty of the image. But working with a custom frame shop can be a daunting task and can leave you a lot lighter in the pocket.  I simplify this process greatly by allowing you to order your prints already custom framed and ready to hang!

I currently offer 16 frame styles and three mounting options to choose from, all at unbeatable prices.  All mounting and framing options are displayed during the checkout process to align with your selected print size.

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A few important notes:

  • All print sizes can be framed except for 24" x 36"
  • Choose from no glass, regular glass and non-glare glass
  • Black and white mat come in 2" width and are optional
  • Adding a mat to a framed print increases the width and height by 4"
  • Example: an 8" x 10" print that is framed and has a mat will end up being 12" x 14" plus the width of the frame

Mounting your prints:

  • With mat, glass is required and mounting is not available
  • With no mat, mounting is required and glass is optional

Glade Springs Grist Mill in Ribbed Pewter Frame



Mounting your print is a necessary step in the framing process to provide stability to the print within the frame.  Mounting your print on matboard not only gives the print extra support but it also helps preserve the value of the print over time.

We offer three options for mounting your prints.  The print can either be mounted to a traditional 2-inch mat or can be applied directly to a single or double-weight matboard or to foam core. 

Please note that you have the option for matboard and foam core mounting even without purchasing the frame.

Single and Double Weight Matboard

Our single-weight matboard is 1/16" thick and our double-weight matboard is 1/8" thick. This product is designed for framing.  If not framed the mount can warp over time. If not framed you will notice the print and mounting material do not match perfectly in size.

Foam Core Mount

Have your prints mounted on 3/16" Foam Core for a little extra support. This product is designed for framing and can warp over time if not framed. If not framed you will notice the print and mounting material do not match perfectly in size and that the foam core has an unfinished, slightly rough edge.













Choose from 16 beautiful frame options.  You're going to love how these look on your wall!


Vicotria Embankment in Black Rounded

York Minster in Beaded Mahogony

Mighty Oak in Black Curved


'Bout Twenty Till in Gold Ornate

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